Industry-leading performance, scalability and security

ID3 is built with the latest technology to deliver industry-leading performance, scalability and security to our clients. The solution can be deployed in two different format compared to previous pages


Seamless API for data export to feed the enterprise data lake.

Internally, ID3 stores all collected information in a dedicated Data Lake, to archive a copy of the original data which can then be re-used by new features that are steadily added to the product. Additionally, ID3 exposes standard REST APIs to allow third-party applications to access raw and processed data for their use.

        1 curl id3-service/api/v1/get_table/t_well_raw/99999
        3 {
        4     "columns": [
        5         "wellid",
        6         "wellname",
        7         "country",
        8         "operator",
        9         "dttmspud"
        10     ],
        11     "index": [
        12         0
        13     ],
        14     "data": [
        15         [
        16             "99999",
        17             "WELL 99999",
        18             "USA",
        19             "Oil & Gas USA",
        20             "2018-11-30 17:30:00"
        21         ]
        22     ]
        23 }


The Software team leverages solid and modern technologies, with a tech stack currently mainly built around Python, TypeScript, React and PostgreSQL. Additionally, we build our own libraries to solve recurrent tasks we encounter in processing vast amounts of data.

We follow standard code quality best practices, such as the use of version control (Git), frequent tests, code reviews and Python static type checking, to ensure the highest level of maintainability for our projects.