ID3 supports well planning, operations monitoring and post well analysis to speed up the operations and reduce Invisible lost time (ILT)


Data Science

Our team is able to support some major data science areas such as supervised learning, clustering, anomaly detection, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing.

Predictive Analysis

We are able to model, implement and maintain predictive models on a wide range of problems such as equipment failure and downhole problems, so it is possible to eliminate downtime through non productive time detection.

Past Data Normalization

We can normalize already existing data across a wide range of formats, implementing custom transformation pipelines to automate the process of data standardization. This allows companies to recover relevant past information locked in deprecated and heterogeneous file formats.

Offset Well Analysis

Our drilling expert team can provide detailed Offset Well Analysis to evaluate a campaign and suggest practical improvements. The availability of precise offset wells data increases the accuracy of the plan and as a consequence allows to better allocate the budget on the most profitable ventures.

Equipment or Contractor/third-party Performance Analysis

Our consultants are able to provide some specific performance measurements on equipment and contractor to reduce time and financial loss of future drillings by monitoring and comparing the speed of past and on going operations. This service makes easier defining contractual strategies; deciding the most suitable equipment; and optimizing drilling procedures of future drilling operations.